Annotation data on IRGSP build 3 genome sequence

Oryza sativa

  • The IRGSP genome sequence (build 3) masked by RepeatMasker with TIGR's repeat data. Repeat regions are written in lower-case letters.
    [DOWNLOAD] (zip file, 116MB)
  • GFF files created on the basis of the results obtained from the RAP1 based on build 3.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 8MB)
  • Genome-wide alignments between japonica and indica (jpn_ind) and Oryza sativa japonica and Arabidopsis thaliana (Os_At).
    [DOWNLOAD] (zip file, 69MB)
  • Representative RAP1 sequences with cDNA/EST supports. Transcripts and ORFs (DNA and amino acid) are provided in the FASTA format. Possibly chimeric cDNAs are discarded.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 33MB)
  • All RAP1 sequences with cDNA/EST supports. This dataset includes rap1_rep.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 42MB)
  • Predicted sequences (DNA and amino acid sequences of ORFs) without cDNA/EST supports.
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 17MB)
  • The table for OsIDs corresponding to the TIGR LOC_OsIDs on the IRGSP genome sequence (build 3). The TIGR Loc_OsID was paired in OsIDs when their exon sequences were overlapped on the genome.
    Each column represents:
    • 1st: OsID
    • 2nd: Corresponding TIGR LOC_OsID
    • 3rd: OsID bridged by the TIGR LOC_OsID
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 0.3MB)

Arabidopsis thaliana

  • The Arabidopsis thaliana genome (build 1.0 assembly) was masked by RepeatMasker and cDNAs were mapped onto the genome. The mapping results are described in GFF files.
    [DOWNLOAD] (zip file, 37MB)