Annotation data on IRGSP build 4 genome sequence


  • The IRGSP genome sequence (build 4 assembly) masked by RepeatMasker with TIGR's repeat data
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 115MB)

Assembly Information

  • List of BAC/PAC clones and gap position information
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 0.6MB)


  • '.out' files produced by RepeatMasker
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 9.9MB)

GFF File

  • RAP Annotation (release 2)
    [DOWNLOAD] (gz file, 23.3MB)
    [DOWNLOAD] (GFF file of each chromosome, gz file, 19MB)

All sequences

Representative sequences

Predicted sequences


Table of the Os code and MSU's LOC_Os

Gene family data

RFLP/SSR marker information (by courtesy of Dr. Nagamura)

Pack-MULE sequences without nested transposons (by courtesy of Drs. Jiang and Hanada)